The benefits of using a loan amount or credit card to purchase your designer clothes

Using a credit card can help you manage your spending with confidence. Taking out a loan can be an onerous task. There is normally a vast array of questions to be answered, covering all aspects of your financial history and circumstances. Probably the easiest and quickest method of obtaining a loan is to use your credit card. If you have a good payment record, by regularly paying off your credit card in full each month, or by paying the required amount on the due date, then your credit card limit will be in line with your monthly requirements. credit card

It is much more convenient to be able to make those spontaneous purchases, such as expensive designer clothes, or the latest electronic equipment, without having to worry about having enough money sitting in your current account. Even if you do keep a large balance in your account, it is likely that it not earning you any interest, and therefore not making the best use of your funds.

Credit cards also provide protection of the purchase, which is particularly useful when buying online. By using your credit card you can have considerably longer than one month’s credit, depending on when in the month you make the purchase. You then have plenty of time to transfer money to whichever account you use to fund your credit card.

Having a good payment record on your credit card also improves your general credit rating. Some credit cards also offer incentives and discounts to attract customers. For amounts of up to about £5,000 some cards offer 0% interest rates, usually over a fixed period, so as long as you clear the balance by the end of the fixed period, the arrangement has not cost you anything.

Other forms of loans are probably cheaper for larger, long term purchases, as the interest rates on credit cards can be quite high over longer period of time.

Some times though, you may find you are rejected for finance because you have a bad credit past. The solution is personal loans for bad credit, which are specialised finance packages designed for you if you have a poor financial profile.

The top 5 most influential designer sports brands

Even when you’re working out or playing the sport you love, you will always want to look good doing it – this is why there are so many sports brands out there competing with one another to create sportswear that is comfortable, durable and fashionable. So to look good, what designer sports brands should you be looking at?


This may be the most obvious brand for sportswear – while it is not the most expensive for sportswear, it is definitely good quality clothing that you can wear comfortably while working out; this is what makes the brand so popular with people of all ages.designer clothes


Adidas is another common brand that’s all about designing and creating the best sportswear possible – Nike and Adidas aim for the same sort of thing, which is inexpensive clothing, yet practical and comfortable.


Many of you wouldn’t associate Lacoste with sportswear, but that’s where you’d be wrong – Lacoste is famous for its wonderful polo shirts which were originally created for the use of tennis players. The designer sports brand also sells a variety of other sports clothing, such as tracksuits and shorts.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry is another one of the designer sports brands – Like Lacoste, Fred Perry is known for the tennis clothing. This makes sense as the brand is named after the tennis player, Fred Perry, from the 30s and 40s. Fred Perry is mostly popular with a younger crowd of people.

Lyle & Scott

This company produces great clothing for golfers – it is another brand you probably wouldn’t associate with sports, but for people who love golf it is very well known. Like Fred Perry, it is quite popular among the younger crowd of people.

Each of these brands are influential in their own way and they are all popular for various reasons – some brands are more popular for their cheaper and wider variety of sportswear, whereas others are more popular for their name and the type of sportswear they produce.

What are the different types of designer clothes you can wear when you go out

When you are going out, you need to dress the right way so that you stand out, feel confident, and have a good time. While there are many clothing options you can go for, picking designer outfits is a great idea because such items will always make people sit up and take notice. Designer dresses particularly make a great alternative for party clothes, since with these; there is always a wide variety to pick from. Thus, depending on the kind of event you are heading out for, you can pick short club dresses, slit dresses or even halter dresses.designer clothes

No matter your preference, you should always go for something that will flatter your figure; keep in mind that just because it looked good on a model on the runway doesn’t mean it will look good on you. In light of this, it’s essential to shop around and get something that works for your shape and size. Basically, you should focus on flaunting your best asset; if you have long legs for instance, short club dresses can work very well for you. Similarly, if you want to highlight your cleavage, you can find some great designer dresses or tops to help you achieve this.

Other than that, there are different collections of form fitting tops that have beads and sequins. Such items are also ideal for going out since they brighten up the outfit; and once you have them on, you can do without accessories. Taking this into consideration, it’s important not to overdo things –if you decide to go all out with the clothing, try to avoid wearing too much makeup. Also, when you go out, you want to get noticed for the right reasons; so unless you want to attract unnecessary attention, you should keep away from excessively revealing clothing.